Cocoa Butter Nougatine

Here is a recipe for a cocoa butter nougatine which you may recall from newsletter passim. This was inspired by the olive oil spiral from the beautiful spun jewellery dessert/snack/morph from one of Albert Adria’s last jam sessions and published several years ago. I really enjoy the flavor of the raw pressed cocoa butter from Big Tree Farms here in Bali, and I highly recommend it, but this recipe will work well with any cocoa butter. In fact, try it with other more liquid fats and prepare to amaze your friends. :

200 grams Isomalt
50 grams Glucose
62.5 grams Water
3 grams Sucrose ester
90 grams Cocoa butter
3 grams Glycerin flakes

Warm the Cocoa Butter with Glycerin to 60 Celsius.
Dissolve the sugars in water, hydrate the sucrose ester, and cook to 160 Celsius. Carefully emulsify in the warm cocoa butter, pour onto parchment paper, mark with knife, and reserve for use. Warm as needed and shape.

WillPowders used:
Isomalt >>