For one of the applications I enjoy most, try this sous vide pastry cream. It tastes so nice I made it twice:

150 grams milk
350 grams cream
1 bean vanilla
20 grams espresso beans
75 grams sugar
100 grams egg yolk
15 grams Ultrasperse 3
.23 grams kappa
1 leaf gelatin

First, hydrate the gelatin in ice water.
Next blend all the dry ingredients in a blender, before moistening with the liquids.
Finally, pour into a vacuum bag, seal, and cook at 85 Celsius for 30 minutes.
Blend with a hand blender, strain, and chill over ice or in a blast chiller.
Use as it is, freeze, fry, dry, foam, whip or squirt.

WillPowders used:
Ultrasperse 3 >>